Audi Launches Upgraded e-tron GT Lineup: Superior Power and Advanced Features

With the recent launch of new versions, including the RS e-tron GT performance3, Audi elevates the vehicle's range, performance, and dynamic handling.

The Audi e-tron GT quattro, since its 2021 premiere, stands as Audi’s flagship electric and sporty model. With the recent launch of new versions, including the RS e-tron GT performance3, Audi elevates the vehicle’s range, performance, and dynamic handling. The new e-tron GT models boast progressive designs and advanced technology, blending elegant sportiness with innovative features such as enhanced electric all-wheel drive, increased charging power, and a refined chassis for superior driving dynamics.

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Aesthetic enhancements mark the latest e-tron GT variants, with distinctive design elements like the black mask Singleframe grille and aerodynamic features that emphasize sportiness. The RS e-tron GT performance3, in particular, distinguishes itself with unique carbon camouflage and an optional matte carbon roof. The Audi virtual cockpit now offers comprehensive battery management information, and the panoramic roof with smart glass technology improves both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Interior updates focus on sustainability and luxury, with recycled materials like Dinamica and Cascade, alongside advanced seating options and customizable digital displays.

Performance-wise, the new e-tron GT models feature powerful electric motors and lighter, more efficient batteries, enabling impressive acceleration and extended range. The top-tier RS e-tron GT performance3 reaches a remarkable 680 kW output, making it Audi’s most powerful production car. Enhanced thermal management and charging capabilities ensure rapid recharging, with up to 280 kilometers of range in just 10 minutes. Audi has increased the maximum charging power by 50 kW to 320 kW. Under ideal conditions, the e-tron GT family’s HV battery can charge from 10 to 80 percent in only 18 minutes at a high-power charging (HPC) station. The advanced suspension and drive select modes provide a tailored driving experience, while all-wheel steering and active suspension systems enhance maneuverability and stability. Prices for these high-performance electric vehicles start at 126,000 euros.

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