Govecs Now Offers Electrical Sharing Fleets As A Franchise Concept

GOVECS is now offering ZOOM SHARING fleets across Germany as a franchise concept and is a consultant for cities, municipalities and companies that want to offer networked electric scooter fleets – from just 20 vehicles. In this way, the leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe is not only broadening its position, but also creating an additional range of urban mobility that relieves car traffic in urban areas.

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GOVECS currently operates ZOOM SHARING as its own sharing project in Stuttgart with 200 E-Schwalbe, which were awarded as best e-scooters by the ADAC in 2019, among other things, because of their strong drive system. The city in Baden-Württemberg serves as a live showcase and demonstrates how sharing can work efficiently.

Concentrated sharing expertise of Europe’s leading manufacturer of electric scooters

According to “unu Global Scooter Sharing Market Report 2019”, GOVECS is the market leader in the sharing segment: The largest sharing operators rely on GOVECS products. Technology advantage, constant fleet availability due to high product quality and flexible solutions are the main advantages of ZOOM SHARING.

“Our roots lie in the field of sharing. In 2015, we delivered sharing scooters to San Francisco as one of the first projects” says Thomas Grübel, Managing Director of GOVECS SHARING GmbH. “Since then, we have gained a lot of experience and as today around 15,000 sharing scooters from GOVECS are already on the road for various customers in numerous major European cities. We are now using this expertise to advance our vision of new and sustainable mobility solutions together with other partners.”

Zoom Sharing franchise offer as a complete solution with hardware and software

The franchise-sharing offer presents itself as a complete solution with hardware and software: ZOOM SHARING is modular, i.e. in addition to the popular E-Schwalbe, additional e-scooters from the diverse GOVECS portfolio will be added in the future. The scooters can be rented via the software infrastructure of ZOOM SHARING, which is also part of the offer. In addition, GOVECS SHARING offers training courses in various areas such as e-scooter technology, use of the software or battery replacement. Optionally, the ZOOM service hotline and an annual inspection of the e-scooters can also be used. Active support in fleet management includes the definition of the business area, regular updates of cloud service & application, and the setting up of billing processes. Operational services such as the selection and training of a local service partners as well as the provision of spare parts are also possible.

GOVECS therefore supports franchisees with comprehensive know-how and makes noiseless and emission-free transport accessible to smaller cities and municipalities with 100% driving pleasure.

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