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Empowering Transport: Analyzing the Costs of Megawatt Charging for Electric Freight Across Europe

In the pursuit of meeting ambitious climate goals, the electrification of long-haul freight across Europe stands as a pivotal strategy. To realize this vision, Member States must prioritize the development of high-capacity charging infrastructure, known as 'megawatt charging,' along crucial freight corridors. The urgency escalates with the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation mandating the initiation of this network's build-out by 2025.

Renault 5 E-Tech Electric: A Revolutionary Comeback defining the Future of Sustainable Mobility

Renault is set to reshape the electric car landscape with the launch of the Renault 5 E-Tech electric.
Image by user6702303 on Freepik

Optimal Solar Enables Complimentary Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging

The University of South Australia (UniSA) Mawson Lakes campus is considering offering free or nominal EV charging to staff and students by optimizing its solar PV system.

The Ethical Considerations of the Transition to Electric Vehicles

While the transition to electric vehicles is gaining momentum there are ethical considerations that must be taken into account

Volkswagen to Build Third Battery Plant in Canada

Volkswagen Group has decided to build a large production facility in North America with battery company PowerCo.

StoreDot: Car Makers Need A Start-up Mindset

StoreDot is encouraging EV manufacturers to adopt more of a start-up mentality to bring revolutionary charging technologies to market faster.

Sono Motors to Sell Its Solar Tech to A New Vehicle Manufacturer

Sono Group announced it has signed a purchase order with a second passenger car manufacturer.

cubiX: New Software Promises More Pleasant Driving Experience

ZF's cubiX software controls all chassis systems and ensures harmonious acceleration and braking, precise steering, and balanced damping.

New Heating System Extends Ranges of Electric Vehicles

According to a study, heating surfaces makes more efficient use of energy and therefore increases travel distances by up to 5 percent.

2023 TomTom Traffic Index

TomTom shared its report on fuel consumption and traffic conditions of vehicles worldwide.
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