Vitesco Technologies Continues Success Story of Integrated Axle Drive and Delivers to Dongfeng

The motor delivers 120 kW of power, pushes out up to 260 Nm of torque, but weighs less than 80 kilograms.

Vitesco Technologies, a leading international supplier of modern powertrain technologies and electrification solutions, has started the market launch of its fully integrated electric axle drives (EMR3) for Dongfeng Passenger Car Corporation. For Vitesco Technologies this launch is yet another market success and milestone, following the start of production of the EMR3 electric drive for Hyundai and PSA end of 2019.

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Dongfeng Passenger Car Corporation uses the axle drive for its brand-new all-electric version of the Yixuan car, a recent passenger car model which belongs to the Chinese A-segment that would internationally be considered a C-segment. At 1.5 tons of mass it offers a top speed of 155 km/h and gives the driver a range of around 400 kilometers calculated on the base of the NEDC. The axle drive, supplied to Dongfeng Passenger Car Corporation, integrates a powerful electric motor and a highly optimized power electronics in a compact and lightweight unit.

“We greatly appreciate the trust Dongfeng Passenger Car Corporation is placing in Vitesco Technologies. We see this decision to utilize our innovative technology as a recognition of our many years of local presence in China, where we are a well-proven business partner. Of course, the contract reflects our exceptional level of electrification expertise,” says Thomas Stierle, Executive Vice President Electrification Technology at Vitesco Technologies.

Vitesco Technologies produces the electric axle drive system in China, currently the world’s largest and fastest-growing market for electric vehicles, and near to its customers. This will enable Vitesco Technologies not only to serve its customers better, but also to showcase the Tianjin plant’s experience in the field of electric drive technologies. Highly automated production lines at the plant allow for large production volumes to be built to the highest quality standards. Product development has been done at the Vitesco Technologies locations in Berlin, Nuremberg (Germany) as well as in Shanghai and Tianjin (China).

First Chinese customer of the electric axle drive for Vitesco Technologies

“Our decision to use the integrated axle drive of Vitesco Technologies is based on the conviction that this is a win-win situation for both companies. Working together we will be better able to address the Chinese electric passenger car mass market and further promote clean mobility in China”, said Mr. Liangyu WAN, head of Purchasing, Dongfeng Passenger Car Corporation.

Best-in-class power density, size, weight and integration

Vitesco Technologies has a decade of experience with manufacturing electric drives since the first market launch in 2011. The new highly integrated generation offers attractive features within its power segment: The Dongfeng Passenger Car Corporation version of the EMR3 delivers 120 kW of power, pushes out up to 260 Nm of torque but weighs less than 80 kilograms and is a highly compact, fully validated system that is easily designed-in to an electric vehicle.

“The EMR3 is developed for the electric vehicle volume market. It meets minimal space requirements, it helps to bring down the weight of a new energy vehicle, reduces cabling complexity, and it is fun to drive”, says Gregoire Cuny, head of Vitesco Technologies in China. “Based on many years of continuous development and optimization, the integrated axle drive is now just as much a proven technology as it is highly innovative, plus it helps to make electric mobility more affordable.”

In December of 2019 the fully integrated axle drive of Vitesco Technologies won the “Automotive Technology Innovation Award” which was announced at the twelfth International Automotive Technology Annual Conference (IAC) and Automotive Innovation Technology Awards Ceremony, held in Shanghai. The award was co-initiated by a German automotive media group and the prestigious school of Automotive Engineering, Aachen University of Technology, Germany.

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