Renesas Announces New IGBT Driver IC for Inverters

Japanese giant Renesas, the world’s third-largest automotive semiconductor company and the largest microprocessor supplier, announced the development of a new driver IC for high-voltage IGBT and SiC MOSFETs used in electric vehicle inverters. The RAJ2930004AGM driver ICs can be used with Renesas’ own IGBTs as well as IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs from other manufacturers.

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Gate driver ICs are essential components for EV inverters, providing an interface connection between the IGBT and SiC MOSFETs powering the inverter and the control MCU. They receive control signals from the MCU at low voltage levels, allowing the devices on the high voltage side to turn on and off quickly. To accommodate the high voltages in EV batteries, the RAJ2930004AGM has a 3.75kVrms isolator. This is 2.5kVrms higher than its previous generation counterpart. The RAJ2930004AGM can support power devices with voltages up to 1200V. In addition to being able to handle high voltages, the new product allows for the fast switching required in inverter systems.

The IC in the small SOIC16 package makes it a cost-effective option for inverter systems. The RAJ2930004AGM can be used in traction inverters and has a wide range of applications using power electronics such as DC/DC converters and onboard chargers. The company is preparing to launch the new product in the first quarter of 2023.

Key Features of the RAJ2930004AGM Gate Driver IC

Isolation capabilities

Withstand Isolation voltage: 3.75kVrms

CMTI (Common Mode Transient Immunity): 150V/ns

Gate drive capabilities

Output peak current: 10A

Protection/fault detection functions

On-chip active Miller clamp

Soft turn-off

Overcurrent protection (DESAT protection)

Under voltage lockout (UVLO)

Fault feedback Operating temperature range: -40 to 125°C (Tj:150°C max.)

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