Siemens and Skyway Collaborates for eVTOL Vertiports

Siemens and Skyway have agreed on working together to identify the infrastructure needed for supporting vertiport operations. Vertiports are ports for vehicles such as vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) air taxis or drones. According to a statement, the main purpose of this agreement is to investigate the energy requirements of vertiports and ensure sustainable electricity supply. Siemens and Skyway also aim to develop systems to support aircraft operations by creating standards for charging processes.

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With this cooperation, both companies will bring their strengths and experience to conduct the necessary research for the construction and operation of vertiports. Skyway has experience in air traffic navigation and unmanned aircraft operations, while Siemens has infrastructure expertise in electrification, charging and facility operations.

The two companies will work together on how to develop universal eVTOL charging processes, assessing charging, power and software requirements to ensure safe and efficient operations. eVTOLs bring new opportunities by providing connectivity to areas underserved by the current aviation system.

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