LGE, Ford and Koç Holding to build Europe’s Largest Battery Plant

LG Energy Solution, Ford and Koç Holding have signed an agreement to build Europe’s largest battery production facility. With this joint venture, Ford wants to further strengthen its electric vehicle future in Europe. The plant will be built in an organized industrial zone near the capital Ankara.

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The project is expected to be operational by the end of this year. The first production is expected to start in 2026. According to the information provided by the parties, the plant’s annual production will be a minimum of 25 gigawatt hours (GWh), but the capacity can be increased up to 45 GWh in the future. Ford is strengthening its electric vehicle plans to become a leader in the electric vehicle revolution. According to a statement made by the company, they want to produce batteries in the same region where they produce electric vehicles. Both Ford and Koç Holding have a long and strong business relationship with LGE.

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