Volvo Trucks Brings Alternative Electric Trucks for Construction

Volvo Trucks is coming up with alternative solutions for construction companies to meet all their transportation needs. It brings electric trucks with superstructures such as dumpers, mixers and cranes for construction companies that want to achieve lower noise levels and zero exhaust emissions in and around urban construction sites.

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Construction vehicles tend to cover fairly short distances throughout the day and work in repetitive processes such as delivering materials to construction sites, making them well suited to electrification. Volvo Trucks’ new electric trucks can be configured very flexibly with a variety of cab, axle and battery options. Available in 3,900-6,700 mm wheelbase chassis options, the trucks can be equipped with 180 to 540 kWh batteries, depending on customers’ range and payload requirements. Volvo Trucks aims to electrify half of the trucks it sells worldwide by 2030.

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