Increased Enjoyment, Elevated Avenger: The latest Jeep(R) Avenger 4xe

A blending compact design with cutting-edge hybrid technology in perfomance and electrification.

Jeep introduces its latest Jeep Avenger 4xe. Following the remarkable success of its all-electric counterpart, the Avenger 4xe has a blending compact design with cutting-edge hybrid technology in perfomance and electrification.

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This system seamlessly integrates an all-wheel drive system with a 48V Mild-hybrid technology, elevating the Avenger’s legendaty capability and delivering electrified performance across diverse terrains. The latest version of model brings together the compactness and versatility of Avenger with the performance of the all-wheel drive system, ensuring an anparalleled capability for a more dynamic driving experience.

Enhancing the Avenger 4xe’s off-road ability, the innovative hybrid system incorporates a 136 hp (100 Kw) thermal engine and two 21 kW electric motors, and creates dynamic combination, that is capable of moving both axles, ensures an impressive 1900 Nm torque at the rear wheels. Remarkably, Avenger offers diverse powertrain options, two transmissions (automatic and manual), two tractıons (front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive). The “power looping” technology guarantees all-wheel drive traction irrespective of the battery charge status, promising a confident drive across diverse terrains. The Avenger’s 48V Mild Hybrid system, coupled with a 6-speed e-DCS6 dual-clutch transmission, allows for full electric mode at low speeds, further enhancing its eco-friendly attitude.

Drivers can customize their Avenger to align with their requirements instead of opting for BEV technology, the 48V Mild-hybrid system, or traditional petrol. By combining 48V Mild-hybrid technology with an all-wheel drive system, the Avenger 4xe expresses Jeep’s intention to provide a sustainable 4×4 driving experience. This move aligns with the brand’s electrification strategy, responding to a world increasingly focused on environmental sustainability.

 Orders for the Jeep Avenger 4xe open at the end of 2024.

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