World’s Biggest Integrated Electric Cycle Gigafactory in India

India-based startup DYNEM, under EMotorad, is making waves in the e-bike industry with the construction of what's set to be the world's largest integrated e-bike gigafactory.  

India-based startup DYNEM, under EMotorad, is making waves in the e-bike industry with the construction of what’s set to be the world’s largest integrated e-bike gigafactory. This move mirrors the strategies of global giants in cell phone sales and electric vehicle manufacturing.

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Back in 2017, the world’s leading phone seller began assembling its devices in India, gradually shifting more of its manufacturing operations to the country. Today, India reportedly accounts for 20% of the company’s global production, with exports valued at $10 billion.

Not to be left behind, a tech giant and a prominent American EV manufacturer are also eyeing India for their manufacturing endeavors, with plans to invest billions in building factories in states like Gujarat and Maharashtra.

DYNEM, by EMotorad, is embarking on the construction of the ‘World’s Biggest E-cycle Integrated Gigafactory’ in Maharashtra. With favorable factors like a skilled workforce, robust infrastructure, and intellectual capital, India is proving itself as a promising hub for manufacturing.

The gigafactory will be developed in four phases, starting with an initial capacity to produce 500,000 e-bikes annually. Scheduled to commence operations in August 2024, DYNEM will manufacture essential EV components such as batteries, motors, displays, and chargers in-house, adhering to industry 4.0 standards and leveraging Gen-2 platforms to ramp up production fourfold within four years.

India’s advantageous import policies, with minimal duties and tariffs ranging from 0 to 2.5% for importers from Europe and the USA, position DYNEM as an attractive destination for e-bike manufacturers seeking cost-effective solutions and legal safeguards against anti-dumping measures.

DYNEM offers comprehensive e-bike manufacturing solutions, encompassing drive train components and an initial production capacity of 500,000 e-bikes per year. By integrating all aspects of e-bike production under one roof, DYNEM aims to carve a significant niche in the global e-bike market. In essence, DYNEM’s ambitious venture signals a paradigm shift in e-bike manufacturing, promising to redefine the industry landscape by consolidating production processes and offering unparalleled efficiency and scale.

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