Ami – 100% Electric Presents 20 New Designs To Illustrate 20 Districts Of Paris

Ami – 100% ëlectric, will join the Parisian Free2Move fleet from mid-September. More than 100 Ami – 100% ëlectric will soon be available for carsharing in the streets of the capital. Ami is doing its part to facilitate urban mobility and reconcile city dwellers and cars. The arrival of Ami in carsharing will be the opportunity to discover the unique designs of the “Ami ❤️ Paris” operation and all the strengths of Ami, a mobility solution accessible to all, 100% electric, 2 seats, ultra- compact, easy to handle, protective that makes life in the city easier.

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Citroën wanted to mark the launch of Ami by creating the event. Citroën and Free2Move, in partnership with Traction agency (BETC group), are launching the “Ami ❤️ Paris” operation and are providing Parisians with a fleet of carsharing vehicles unlike any other. This unique, urban operation provides the opportunity to discover Ami in a different way.

The idea “Ami ❤️ Paris” was born from the observation of a reality. While one may tend to think that all of Paris is a single, homogeneous city, made up of large Haussmannian boulevards – especially when one does not live there – the reality is quite different. And it is only when they are abroad that its inhabitants say that they live in Paris. Among themselves, they hardly say that they live in an arrondissement: Parisians live and claim to be in a neighborhood.

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