FUSO eCanter Travels The World To Promote All-Electric Urban Delivery

Within the last year the FUSO eCanter, Daimler Truck’s first all-electric light-duty truck in small-series production, has visited several countries to promote all-electric urban delivery. Displaying the technology of its innovative e-drive and the benefits of the vehicle to government officials, potential customers, media and the general public, the FUSO eCanter visited Taipei (Taiwan, China), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Chennai (India) on the Asian continent. As part of a larger marketing campaign, the locally emission-free truck also stopped in Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

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Taking into consideration the more than 170 vehicles in daily customer operations in Japan, Europe and the United States, the FUSO eCanter has now proven itself as a reliable all-electric light-duty truck on five continents. Companies such as AB InBev (South Africa), as well as Australia Post (Australia) were able to experience the vehicle as part of their urban delivery operations. During its world tour the FUSO eCanter received overwhelmingly positive feedback from local FUSO distributors, customers, media and the public. Drivers particularly appreciated the instantaneous torque and the lack of engine noise, as they experienced less fatigue while operating the truck. Logistic companies recognized the FUSO eCanter for providing a potential answer to their need of sustainable, ecological mobility solutions for their fleets.

“The FUSO eCanter is our answer to the public’s need for a zero-emission, very quiet truck for inner-city distribution. It helps to solve the increasing noise and pollution problems in urban environments across the globe. With ample range and payload, it easily meets the inner-city short-range distribution requirements of our customers”, said Hartmut Schick, President and CEO Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC).

FUSO celebrated the global launch of the FUSO eCanter in September 2017 and has since delivered the vehicle to numerous customers around the globe. With the eCanter, FUSO is a global leader in electric trucks, working towards providing sustainable, CO2-neutral transport for both people and goods. FUSO thereby is an essential part of the sustainability strategy of Daimler Truck AG, which aims to have all new vehicles in the Triad (Europe, North America, and Japan) “tank-to-wheel” CO2-neutral by 2039.

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