Autonomous Trucks on the road with Continental Modular Multisensor

Increasing efficiency in commercial transportation requires the deployment of innovative technologies. In this regard, Continental introduced an innovative sensor solution for commercial vehicles. The multi-sensor system, also known as Continental Sensor Array, takes its place among autonomous driving systems for commercial vehicles.

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The autonomous driving market is growing exponentially and commercial vehicles play a key role. These systems significantly increase safety, especially for long-distance driving. With its multi-sensor solution, Continental promises a solution where multiple sensors can be calibrated via a single modular device, which is not complicated to implement. Since radar, lidar and cameras are pre-calibrated, extensive sensor installation and maintenance work after installation is significantly reduced.

Because the combination of different sensor systems is crucial for the reliable use of autonomous driving, all sensors must be coordinated with each other. Continental sees the more reliable recognition of objects in combination with a triple sensor system (camera, lidar and radar) as an ideal solution for the perception of the vehicle environment as a whole. The technology company has 25 years of experience in custom systems, reliable sensor solutions, individual applications and complete solutions. To date, the company has more than 150 million sensors on the road for autonomous and assisted driving.

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