First 400 kW Fast Chargers in EU with Fastned and EVBox

Only 3 minutes charge gives your car 100 km. With EVBox Troniq Modular High-Power, users in Europe get their first 400 kW charging station. Fastned customers from the Netherlands will be the first to benefit from the new system.

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Europe-based fast charging company Fastned and EVBox, which offers scalable charging solutions, installed the first EVBox Troniq Modular High-Power charging stations in the Netherlands in December. The 400 kW station was made available to drivers in a pilot project in the De Watering region. The EVBox Troniq Modular High-Power, the first 400 kW station in Europe, was developed especially for areas with heavy traffic.

The new 400 kW charging stations promise a distance of 100 km with a 3-minute charge if the connected vehicles support it. When two vehicles are connected, a power transfer of 200 kW per vehicle is provided.

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