Call and Get Your Mobile Charging Station at Your Doorstep

In recent years, the world has witnessed an explosion in electric vehicle sales. However, market actors such as car manufacturers, road infrastructure authorities and fleet owners still face numerous barriers that hinder the transition to fully electric transportation. Many of these barriers stem from the lack of adequate charging infrastructure. Whether they are individual or corporate users, the lack of charging points in particular makes it difficult for them to make the decision to switch to electric vehicles.

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However, since there is a high momentum towards the transition to electric vehicles around the world, there are also significant investments in charging points. One of the companies operating in this field is the UK-based L-Charge. In addition to classic fixed charging systems, the company develops mobile charging stations to serve especially in areas without charging stations. Drivers charge their vehicles by calling these vehicles to their location when they need charging, just like calling a taxi.

L-Charge mobile charging stations have a fast charging capacity of up to 130 kW. Another prominent feature of the vehicles is that they obtain electricity entirely from clean energies. The mobile stations, which run on fuels such as LNG and hydrogen, reach the place where they are called within minutes and provide fast charging to drivers.

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