Enteligent Announces World’s First DC-DC Solar EV Charger

Enteligent, which works on solar-powered charging systems for electric vehicles, offers drivers a more efficient charging opportunity with its newly developed DC-DC EV charger. The device, which gets its power directly from the sun, is capable of 25 kW fast DC charging. This is about 3 times faster than Level 2 AC chargers. Another feature of the Enteligent solar charger is that it supports V2H and V2G technologies. In this way, the energy stored in the vehicle can be sent back home or to the grid when needed.

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 The Entelligent charger is the world’s first DC-DC solar bi-directional EV charger, which allows you to significantly reduce costs as it gets its energy from the sun. Currently, EV owners use home AC chargers that use alternative energy provided by the electricity grid. Since EV batteries use DC current, the conversion from AC to DC is not only inefficient but also results in longer charging times.

Enteligent’s EV chargers eliminate the need for AC to DC conversion, allowing users to bring clean energy to their vehicles in the most efficient way.

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