British Drivers Cut Energy Bills with Smart Charging Plan

British electric vehicle users could cut their annual energy bills by hundreds of pounds by using the government’s smart charging plans. The government’s new energy plan unlocks the potential of smart charging for electric vehicle users to save money on energy costs. The smart charging scheme allows drivers to charge their cars at times when electricity is cheap.

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Drivers can also use the energy stored in their vehicles at home (V2H) to use cheap energy or even make a profit by selling it back to the grid (V2G) when energy is expensive. Even consumers who do not own an electric vehicle can benefit from this practice, as they benefit from lower prices when the EVs are connected to the grid during peak demand hours, as supply increases. According to a study, the average user can save up to 200 pounds on their energy bills annually, and up to 1000 pounds for those who travel long distances. By 2030, no new petrol or diesel cars will be sold in the country, and the new smart charging plan aims to encourage more people to choose electric vehicles.

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