Few Layer Graphene: Evonik Invests in Battery Specialist SuperC

With an EU 400 million fund size, German investment firm Evonik has decided to invest in Chinese technology company SuperC, which specializes in graphene materials. SuperC is working to make lithium-ion batteries more durable, faster to charge and increase their lifecycle. SuperC has developed an innovative process to produce few layer graphene (FLG), which is used in the electrodes in lithium-ion batteries. Adding graphene to the battery structure improves electrical and thermal conductivity, resulting in faster charging and better overall performance.

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Batteries produced with multilayer graphene are also less sensitive to heat. This reduces the cooling requirements of the batteries and reduces the risk of fire. High-performance batteries are an important factor for the electrification of transportation and the reduction of carbon emissions, and we are supporting this with a new generation of technology, explains Bernhard Mohr from Evonik. Evonik also has its own lithium research facility in Shanghai.

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