Innovative Stator Isolator Reduces Torque Ripples in Electric Motors

Automotive noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) specialist Vibracoustic has developed a unique solution for torque ripples caused by magnetic fluctuations in electric vehicle motors. The multifunctional Stator Isolator prevents axial, radial and torsional vibrations from passing from the stator to the housing.

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Electric vehicle manufacturers face a number of NVH challenges when developing emobility platforms and powertrains. One of these is torque ripples caused by e-motors, which are transmitted from the motor to the gearbox, the motor housing, the vehicle body and the wheels, causing multiple NVH issues such as undesirable noise.

The Vibracoustic Stator Isolator isolates the stator from the engine housing, providing axial, radial and torsional isolation. Designed to integrate with engine cooling units, it also acts as an effective seal for circulating oil. The rubber components of the Stator Isolator are manufactured to withstand high temperature oil for a long time. Stator Isolator is initially targeting vehicles in the premium segment where NVH management is very important.

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