Driverless Deliveries With Faction’s DriveLink and TeleAssist

Faction Technology, a Silicon Valley startup, is working on driverless solutions for light electric vehicles. The company, which has a mission to revolutionize the field of micro logistics, allows small distribution vehicles remotely managed from a certain center to make deliveries with minimal human intervention. 

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There are many entities working on autonomous vehicles in the automotive industry, but even though there are new developments every day, there is a long way to go. As an intermediate solution, Faction believes that remotely managed self-driving vehicles are the most effective solution for basic autonomy. With its DriveLink and TeleAssist technologies, the company offers an effective blend of autonomous driving and remote control. DriveLink provides vehicle manufacturers with a platform for self-driving control, while TeleAssist enables remote human support, much like an air traffic controller. “Faction’s technology is revolutionizing the way we approach autonomous vehicles, while significantly reducing the cost of implementing these types of self-driving solutions,” said Jesse Fittipaldi, Interim CEO of Arcimoto. “Combining their technology with our vehicles can enable driverless solutions at under $2 a mile, something truly remarkable.”

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