BMW Brings Fuel Cell Vehicles With iX5 Hyrogen

After four years of development, the BMW Group presents the BMW iX5 Hydrogen vehicle to test groups. First seen as a concept in 2019, the vehicle was presented to visitors at IAA Mobility in 2021. The BMW iX5 Hydrogen will be used as a fleet of 100 vehicles for the testing of different target groups around the world. 

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The BMW Group is systematically promoting hydrogen fuel cell technology as an alternative for the zero-emission transportation of the future. Hydrogen energy stored in gaseous form and oxygen in the air react in the fuel cell to produce energy that propels the vehicles. BMW iX5 Hydrogen, which has newly developed components for this system, can provide continious 125kW/170 hp power. iX5 Hyrogen reaches 0-100 km/h in under 6 seconds. Its top speed is over 180 km/h. The vehicle’s travel distance is 504 km, but it takes 3-4 minutes to refill the empty hydrogen tanks.

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