Safer and More Efficient Driving with Electronic Leveling Control

Hyundai Mobis has announced that it has developed an Electronic Leveling Control (ELC) in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company. It is being used in test vehicles to ensure the reliability of ELC technology, which can be used to adapt to different environments such as rough roads, highways and parking lots. ELC can automatically adjust the height of the vehicle, for example to protect batteries in electric vehicles and increase travel distances. ELC will not only improve driving performance, but is also an important step towards safety and user comfort.

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ELC allows the driver to adjust the height up or down by 6 cm to best adapt the vehicle to the road conditions. ELC uses an electric hydraulic pump to control the height of the vehicle. Sensors connected to the vehicle detect changes in vehicle height depending on driving speed, vehicle weight and the vehicle automatically adjusts the height. Drivers can also adjust the height manually if necessary. In the future, Hyundai Mobis plans to develop ELC technology in conjunction with front-road-scanning camera and navigation data. On rough roads, the height of the vehicle can be adjusted to protect the batteries underneath the vehicle and prevent damage to other parts of the vehicle. On highways, you can lower your vehicle to reduce air resistance and thus increase your travel distance. As the center of gravity is lowered, the system will also improve driving performance.

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