Sono Motors to Sell Its Solar Tech to A New Vehicle Manufacturer

The solar tech company Sono Group announced it has signed a purchase order with a second passenger car manufacturer, one of the 10 largest in the world. The scope of the order is delivery of solar body panels for one vehicle, so that, together with Sono Motors, the OEM is able to explore solar integration into their cars. The Company announced the first order from a passenger car manufacturer in December last year. This brings the Company’s total number of customers and partners for its solar technology to 25, a significant increase from 10 partners at the time of the Company’s IPO 15 months ago.

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The company has developed solar power electronics for high-voltage automotive use cases, such as passenger cars. Sono Motors has specialized in a unique manufacturing method to seamlessly integrate solar cells into polymer to be used for the exterior of a passenger vehicle. Solar charging allows more convenience for the vehicle owner, less dependency on battery charging infrastructures, and a reduction in running costs compared to ordinary BEVs. Car manufacturers and fleet operators may use the company’s proprietary technology in their own products to retrofit existing vehicles, or for new production vehicles, to extend the range of BEVs or to comply with emission regulations.

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