StoreDot: Car Makers Need A Start-up Mindset

StoreDot, the pioneer of ultra-fast charging battery technology for electric vehicles, is encouraging global electric vehicle manufacturers to adopt more of a start-up mentality to bring revolutionary charging technologies to market faster. StoreDot is on track to have its 100in5 silicon-weighted ultra-fast charging batteries ready for mass production next year, delivering 100 miles (160 km) of range in just five minutes of charging. StoreDot’s XFC battery solution solves the key ‘charging anxiety’ barrier to mass adoption of electric vehicles.

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However, the company’s CEO is calling on some automakers to re-evaluate their traditional technology introduction timelines to accelerate the adoption of these game-changing batteries in new vehicles, as new technologies benefit customers while enabling faster adoption of electric vehicles. Traditionally, global car companies have adhered to sequential prototyping and testing processes, with timelines that fit the notoriously long cycles of ICE vehicle development. However, by adopting new practices and partnering with startups and scale-up-ready businesses like StoreDot, leading car companies can benefit from a faster development mode that enables the latest technologies to be brought to market faster.

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