An Innovative Battery Application From ABT e-Line and Bavertis

The battery in electric vehicles usually produces direct current. In order for the energy in the battery to drive the electric motor, it must first be converted into alternating current. This is done by a component called the inverter. The inverter is also the part responsible for determining the motor speed. An inverter that perfectly matches the motor specifications plays a decisive role in the range of electric vehicles.

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ABT e-Line, a specialist in the field of alternative drives, is working in collaboration with Munich-based start-up BAVERTIS to make this module redundant using an innovative multilayer technology. The technology works by intelligently reconfiguring battery cells several thousand times per second. Compared to conventional converters, the battery generates AC voltage directly, which is why the system is also called an AC battery.

ABT e-Line wants to develop battery modules and systems for its own products together with BAVERTIS and other partners as a technology driver and at the same time act as a supplier for the (automotive) industry. To this end, the Kempten-based company is developing a battery module in which any AC or DC voltage between 3.6V and 300V can be generated directly from the battery. With additional modules, the voltage can be increased up to 1,000V. BAVERTIS will be responsible for the electronics. As a smart solution, this aims to ensure that the energy in the batteries of e-vehicles is used optimally. The modular design of these batteries makes it possible to drive various motors and other AC or DC devices.

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