EVBox empowers Electric Mobility with New Training Center in Canéjan

EVBox charging stations placed at the Canéjan new training center.

This strategic move is aimed at addressing the industry’s urgent need for skilled professionals capable of manufacturing, installing, maintaining EV charging stations and provides extensive training for installers and partners who are already certified in IRVE (Infrastructure de Recharge pour Véhicules Électriques). In response to the critical shortage of skilled workers and technicians specialized in the  production, installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations, EVBox has declared that they are planing to remove the obtacles to a smooth transition to electric mobility. This commitment is underscored by the establishment of the Canéjan training facility, complementing another recently opened center in Essen, Germany.

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The company pointed EVBox as a catalyst for future changes with a firm belief in the renewal potential to build a sustainble future, where electric mobility is not just a preferable choice but the new standard.

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