An Innovative Face Authentication Display

Continental_PP_Face_ Authentication_Display_Interior
Invisibility of the the facial recognition camera allows to place it on the car’s side display.

Ultimate combo of UX and UI design

In order not to spoil the design of the vehicle interior, Continental has positioned the necessary camera technology behind the driver display console for the first time, which enables a frameless screen surface. The design of the screen area is an evolution of the technology, which won an Innovation Award at CES in 2023. A camera with biometric authentication in the interior checks whether the driver is authorized to start the vehicle. Other digital services, such as a payment function, also have this feature. The high-contrast and vibrancy OLED display has been specially designed so that the optical components have and ability to detect people through the pixels of the activated display. In addition, the sensors integrated into the system include the functionality of reliable attention and fatigue detection.

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Continental has declared that the system, using special cameras placed on the car’s side display, ensures that the vehicle opens and starts when it detects a registered user, providing high security. Developed with trinamiX, a BASF SE technology includes unique detection to prevent deceptive attempts.

To keep the car interior looking appealing, Continental put the needed camera tech behind the driver’s display, creating a sleek screen. Dr. Boris Mergell, head of UX at Continental Automotive, emphasized hope of the successful blending convenience, safety, and aesthetics.

Entrance to the extremely protected vehicle’s face ID from trinamiX

Keyless entry is possible through facial recognition integrated into the car’s side panel, allows to open the door without a key. The exterior display on the side pillar, visible only when its needed and offers additional interaction, such as showing an electric car’s charging progress. This “In2Visible” technology extends Continental’s user experience to the outside, presenting new interactions for developers and users.

Continental’s collaboration with trinamiX ensures to protect facial recognition, capable of distinguishing real human skin from any other materials. This extra security layer prevents unauthorized access attempts using AI-generated images or masks.

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