Siemens Acquires Heliox for Advanced eBus and eTruck Fast Charging

Siemens finalizes the purchase of Heliox.

Based in the Netherlands, Heliox, with its workforce of approximately 330 employees, impacts on Siemens’ eMobility business by adding valuable digitalization and software potential.

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The integration of Heliox into Siemens’ eMobility charging portfolio brings forth a range of products and solutions, spanning from 40 kW to megawatt charging solutions, specifically designed for depots and en-route charging. This move allows to enhance Siemens’ capabilities in power electronics and extends its market reach, particularly in Europe and North America.

Matthias Rebellius, CEO of Smart Infrastructure and member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, pointed the importance of this acquisition in the rapidly growing EV charging infrastructure market. In addition to DC fast charging solutions, Heliox’s offerings include charger monitoring and energy management services, expanding Siemens eMobility’s IoT product portfolio and enhancing its digitalization and software capabilities. The synergy between the two companies’ charging portfolios creates a robust offering for eBus and eTruck customers.

The acquisition provides Heliox with access to Siemens’ industrialization capabilities, global sales network, and infrastructure, enabling the company to scale up production to meet the rising customer demand

Siemens acquired Heliox from private equity firm Waterland and an entity owned by a group of employees and individual shareholders, marking its point to advance the electric mobility sector through strategic partnerships and technological innovation.

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