Continental Introduces First Car Display Integrated into Transparent Swarovski Crystal

The display seamlessly integrates into the crystal housing and creates the illusion of floating content.

The 10-inch Crystal Center Display is a Marvel of microLED technology, providing unparalleled brightless and contrast. Suspended within an intricately cut crystal body, the display creates a visually striking floating effect, offering a fusion of cutting-edge display technology and polished design.

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Dr. Boris Mergell, head of the UX business area at Continental, expressed the company’s vision, stating: “With the Crystal Center Display as a key innovative focal point for premium vehicles of the future- one that grabs attention and stirs emotions”.

This three-dimensional crystal form, developed in-house by Swarovski Mobillity, boasts a unique facet cut, adding a touch of luxury to the vehicle interior. The Crystal Center Display serves as the central information hub, blending seamlessly with the minimalist aesthetic that reminds about by luxury car interiors. The collaboration between Continental and Swarovski Mobility emphasizes the symbiosis of technology and design.

The Crystal Center Display’s use of microLED technology presented a challenge to Continental’s engineers, who successfully merged the display into the tinted crystal panel, creating the illusion of floating content.

Continental’s private exhibit at Central Plaza showcased various mobility innovations, highlighting the company’s goal to shape the future of automative technology.

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