Siemens paves the way for the future of eMobility in one of the tallest Portugal’s building

New charging system prepared for the Infinity building with 26 floors, 195 apartments, and 352 parking spaces.

The installation includes 200 VersiCharge wallboxes and an intelligent charging management system designed to optimize energy consumption and support grid efficiency. Owned by Vanguard Properties, the Infinity building stands tall as one of Lisbon’s prominent residential sites.

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The CEO, José Cardoso Botelho, expressed pride in the partnership with Siemens and marked the project’ s role in environmental responsibility. The EV charging solution, solution, customized by Siemens’ engineering and software teams ın Portugal, enables dynamıc on-sıte chargıng management. The system’s intuitive dashboards provide comprehensive information how to build managers, offering real-time insights into each charger’s performance and overall energy consumption, showing Siemens’ goal to achieve environmental sustainability. The VersiCharge wallboxes, strategically distributed across six charging islands on three building floors, highlight the scalability of the solution. Moreover, the energy management system anticipates future integration with photovoltaic and renewable energy sources, along with energy storage systems, contributing to enhance efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The contract also encompasses SICAM Dynamic Load Management (DLM), a highly scalable and robust charging station management system.Operating on the SICAM A8000 power automation platform, it is well-prepared for grid constraint signals and the integration of distributed energy resources (DER) and energy storage systems. The solution aligns with global efforts to achieve climate targets, supporting the expansion of renewable energies.

In alignment with Portugal’s recovery and resilience plan, which aims to deploy 15,000 electric vehicle charging stations by 2025, the Infinity building with 26 floors, 195 apartments, and 352 parking spaces, this luxury condominium by Vanguard Properties stands as a testament to the nation’s goal to eco-friendly enviroment.

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