Type One Energy cooperateswith TVA and ORNL to transform a Tennessee Coal Plant into a potential Fusion Reactor at Bull Run Facility

The Fusion Plant Project paves the way to make Stellarator technology more commercialized. Credit: Type One Energy Group

Project Infinity, a collaboration between TVA, Type One Energy, and the U.S. Department of Enegy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, declared a goal to enhance carbon-free power generation through fusion technology.

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The Project includes establishing Type One Energy’s  headquarters in the region and creating more than 300 high-paying jobs within the next five years.

 Governor’s Nuclear Energy Fund supported a strategy of Tennessee Governor Bill Lee to become the leading state in clean energy. TVA President and CEO Jeff Lyash highlighted the importance of collaboration to address evolving energy needs. Moreover, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Director, Stephen Streiffer worshiped the project’s potential to advance fusion energy, approaching on the laboratory’s long-standing expertise.

Type One Energy started collaboration with TVA and ORNL in aim to explore opportunities for the arrangement of fusion energy in East Tennessee and moves forward with Project Infinity, increasing its dedication to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future

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