Groundbraking LFP Battery; 1,000-km Range and 4C Superfast Charging

CATL's Shenxing PLUS, the world's first LFP battery capable of achieving a range exceeding 1,000 kilometers, coupled with 4C superfast charging.

CATL has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation in battery technology with the introduction of Shenxing PLUS, the world’s first LFP battery capable of achieving a range exceeding 1,000 kilometers, coupled with 4C superfast charging. This milestone not only marks a significant advancement in LFP battery technology but also signals the dawn of a new era in superfast charging for the entire automotive industry.

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The Shenxing PLUS battery offers users an unparalleled driving experience with its extended range, surpassing the 1,000-kilometer threshold. This remarkable feat not only caters to daily commuting needs in urban environments but also enables seamless long-distance travel between provinces.

Achieving the 1,000-kilometer pure electric range has been made possible through continuous technological breakthroughs. The cathode of the Shenxing PLUS battery utilizes granular gradation technology, ensuring optimal positioning of nanometer particles to achieve ultra-high compact density. Additionally, the incorporation of proprietary 3D honeycomb-shaped material in the anode enhances energy density while effectively managing volume expansion during charge and discharge cycles. The innovative single-piece casing, a first in the industry, optimizes internal space utilization, enabling Shenxing PLUS cells to attain unprecedented energy density levels. These advancements in materials and structure have propelled the energy density of the Shenxing battery system beyond the 200 Wh/kg threshold, reaching an impressive 205 Wh/kg, thereby realizing ranges exceeding 1,000 kilometers.

Furthermore, Shenxing PLUS boasts remarkable fast-charging capabilities, delivering a range of 600 kilometers in just 10 minutes of charging, far surpassing conventional batteries available on the market. This achievement translates into a true superfast charging speed of one kilometer per second. CATL has enhanced the overcurrent area and capacity of the terminals within the battery system to efficiently dissipate heat during high-current charging. Moreover, through the development of advanced BMS core algorithms, CATL has introduced a newly developed AI polarization model capable of predicting and controlling charging current in real-time, facilitating faster and smarter energy replenishment.

In conjunction with its groundbreaking batteries, CATL has embarked on the construction of the Shenxing Superfast Charging Network, aimed at establishing the largest superfast charging service platform in China. Collaborating with industry-leading partners such as Star Charge, YKC, and Shudao New Energy, CATL endeavors to provide the most convenient and cost-effective mobility experience for owners of vehicles equipped with Shenxing superfast charging batteries.

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