PEUGEOT Redefines Electric Driving with INCEPTION Concept

PEUGEOT is making waves at VivaTech with its cutting-edge concept car, INCEPTION, signaling a bold leap into the electric mobility era.

PEUGEOT is making waves at VivaTech with its cutting-edge concept car, INCEPTION, signaling a bold leap into the electric mobility era. At the heart of their showcase is the groundbreaking Hypersquare steering control, a game-changer redefining tomorrow’s driving experience. Drawing on over two centuries of innovation, PEUGEOT is poised to revolutionize sustainable mobility by prioritizing pleasure and emotion in the customer journey.

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Their innovation ethos blends technological creativity with real-world applicability, ensuring that customer needs are met while enhancing the joy of driving. At VivaTech 2024, PEUGEOT unveils its vision for the future of automobiles through the INCEPTION concept car, showcasing the revolutionary Hypersquare steering control.

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT embodies the brand’s optimistic outlook on sustainable mobility. Initially revealed at CES in Las Vegas, it now makes its debut to the French public at VivaTech 2024.

This 100% electric concept car boasts 800 V technology and a 100 kWh battery, enabling an impressive 800 km range on a single charge. Inside, innovative materials and techniques underscore PEUGEOT’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, aligning with the STELLANTIS goal of achieving full Carbon Net Zero by 2038.

For instance, the interior features upholstery crafted from recycled polyester velvet and structural pieces made from reprocessed fabric offcuts, showcasing a dedication to sustainability without compromising luxury.

The iconic PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® takes center stage once again, with the INCEPTION Concept introducing the next generation of this innovation. The traditional steering wheel is replaced by the Hypersquare steering control, inspired by digital and gaming interfaces.

This intuitive control interface allows drivers to manage vehicle parameters effortlessly, enhancing both safety and driving pleasure. Combined with a flexible display, known as the HALO CLUSTER, the Hypersquare provides a 360-degree view of driving and infotainment information, promoting a new era of shared mobility.

At VivaTech 2024, PEUGEOT collaborates with Mobilisights, a Stellantis Business Unit specializing in Data as a Service (DaaS). By leveraging telemetry data from connected vehicles, Mobilisights offers personalized driving experiences through innovative third-party applications, with user consent as a top priority.

PEUGEOT also partners with Vay, a scale-up exploring the possibilities of “remote driving.” This technology enables efficient vehicle management and innovative services such as remote carsharing and rental, enhancing convenience and accessibility for users.

Through these collaborations and innovations, PEUGEOT continues to pave the way for a more sustainable, connected, and enjoyable future of mobility.

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