Volta Zero TaaS with Charging Infrustructure to Heppner

Volta Trucks, a fully electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and service provider, has signed a Truck as a Service agreement with international logistics company Heppner. The agreement also includes the charging infrastructure of the vehicles. With this agreement, 16 Volta Zeros will be available in the warehouses of the logistics company Heppner in Paris and Lyon.

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The infrastructure required for charging the vehicles will be built by Siemens, which Volta Trucks recently announced as its charging infrastructure partner. The charging infrastructure in question will provide fast charging with capacities ranging from 22 kW to 150 kW. Volta’s strategic partnership with Siemens includes software control systems, plant electrification, charging station operation, energy management, building equipment and project financing.

The agreement with Heppner highlights not only the choice of an innovative electric vehicle, the Volta Zero, but also a service ecosystem that incorporates the vehicle. Teams from both companies worked together to ensure that the vehicles adhered to their timetables, while maximizing fleet performance.

The Volta Zero is an all-electric medium commercial vehicle designed specifically for urban logistics. With a battery capacity of 150-225 kWh, the Volta Zero offers a range of 150 to 200 km, which is quite sufficient for deliveries in city centers.

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