World’s First Battery Passport Proof of Concept from GBA

Global Battery Alliance (GBA) launched world’s first battery passport proof of concept. Developed with the participation of many stakeholders from different fields from mining to recycling such as Audi, BASF, CATL, Eurasian Resources Group, Glencore, LG Energy Solution, Umicore, Tesla, Volkswagen AG, IT solution providers, international organizations and public institutions, sustainable and responsible battery chains will be created.

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Batteries have a production cycle with social and environmental impacts. These impacts include greenhouse gases emitted during the extraction and processing of minerals and the production of batteries, and human rights violations in the workforce. GBA’s flagship initiative, the battery passport, provides information on all applicable sustainability and life cycle requirements based on a comprehensive definition of a sustainable battery.

The battery passport will bring transparency to the global battery value chain by aggregating reliable data from all lifecycle stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to provide end users a seal of quality with the sustainability performance of the battery. By 2026, a battery passport will be mandatory in Europe and other regions will follow. GBA’s work therefore provides an ever more important framework for future sustainability performance.

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