AI-Driven Battery Backed Solutions for DC Fast Charging

ChargePoint and Stem announced an agreement to accelerate DC fast charging for highway corridors and other applications such as fleet charging. ChargePoint, a pioneer in electric vehicle charging networks, and Stem, a global leader in AI-powered clean energy solutions, aim to combine EV charging systems with battery storage and AI-powered energy management to develop solutions that reduce energy costs and ensure energy resilience.

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ChargePoint will analyze demand at EV charging locations and evaluate the installation of fast DC chargers, as well as assess whether battery storage systems can reduce EV charging station operating costs. The two companies’ approach also has the potential to help businesses meet their ESG targets and aims to reduce energy costs with the help of solar systems installed at charging locations.

Where costs are high due to high energy demand, EV charging stations can minimize times of high demand through the use of battery storage systems, which will help driving down the costs. ChargePoint’s Express Plus is already one of the most advanced high-power DC fast charging platforms in the US market. Depending on the configuration, Express Plus can deliver up to 500 kW per port. With its modular design and liquid-cooled cables, Express Plus offers efficient charging for electric vehicles.

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