Mercedes Launches its Most Efficient eVan With The New eSprinter

The new Mercedes-Benz eSprinter

Mercedes regularly launches new electric vehicle models. According to the company, the new eSprinter is a leading eVan in versatility and efficiency. Produced in North America and Europe, the eSprinter aims to become the leader in electric driving and transportation in nearly 60 markets in the near future.

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The panel van variant of the new eSprinter will be on the road in the US and Canada in the second half of 2023, while in Europe it will be available at the end of the year. eSprinter will be produced in the US as well as at Mercedes-Benz’s plant in Düsseldorf. The new eSprinter is characterized by its efficiency, range and load capacity.

The new eSprinter will be launched in the US and Canada as a long panel van. The battery on it will come with the largest option with 113 kW. The model will offer a total of 14 cubic meters of storage space and its payload weight will be 4.25 tons. It is reported that the driving distance will reach 400 km. Simulations show that urban travel distances can reach up to 500 km. 

One of the highlights of the new eSprinter is its efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor (PSM). The motor comes in two power options: 100 and 150 kW. Customers can choose different batteries according to their needs: 56, 81 or 113 kWh batteries are among the options. Lithium/iron phosphate (LFP) is preferred to avoid cobalt and nickel in the batteries. As with all Mercedes-Benz eVans, the eSprinter can be charged with both AC and DC. The new eSprinter supports up to 115 kW in fast charging. A 56 kWh battery can reach 80% charge in 28 minutes in fast mode, compared to 42 minutes for a 113 kWh battery.

The new eSprinter also draws attention on the infotainment side. The vehicle comes with the latest software version of Mercedes Benz’s innovative user experience (MBUX). This feature was previously only available in the brand’s passenger cars. This includes features such as the current traffic situation and the topography of the route. The system also features a comprehensive range of personalization options and an optimized voice control assistant.

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