Vibracoustic Develops BEV Spessific Chassis Bushings

Germany-based automotive noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) specialist Vibracoustic is developing chassis bushings optimized for electric vehicles. Their aim is to increase durability, reduce noise and improve ride quality. Another goal is to achieve greater NVH performance by reducing vehicle weight.

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Researches shows that current BEVs are up to 20 percent heavier than internal combustion engine vehicles. More weight means more durability requirements for the components involved. This also has implications for driver comfort, noise and ride quality. By optimizing the bushings for electric vehicles, the Vibracoustic team achieves both greater durability and higher NVH performance.

BEV-specific chassis mounts eliminate many of the issues associated with increased vehicle weight and address noise and comfort-related issues. As a global leader in automotive NVH management, the company also optimizes the rubber used in the parts by conducting appropriate tests.

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