BorgWarner Supplies Battery Cooling System to a Leading Manufacturer

BorgWarner, a company specializing in thermal management systems, has announced that it will supply battery cooling systems to a leading German automotive manufacturer. BorgWarner will provide cooling plates designed for the batteries to be used in the vehicle manufacturer’s next generation vehicles. According to the company, compared to similar alternatives, BorgWarner’s cooling plates are more advantageous in terms of both weight and cost.

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The company explains that they have been working as a technical partner with the vehicle manufacturer for more than 30 years, and that numerous new technologies they have developed are used in the vehicles in question. Battery cooling systems will also be used in the new generation of electric vehicles. The cooling plates developed by BorgWarner consist of aluminum profiles circulating between cylindrical battery cells. Designed to provide optimum contact with the battery cells, the system is designed to provide effective heat transfer. Coolant flows through pipes at the end points of the plates, keeping the temperature of the cells under control. BorgWarner aims to maximize battery performance with its in-cell cooling plates. The modularity of the system also provides flexibility for multiple vehicle development platforms.

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