Volvo Truck’s First Electric Concrete Mixer On The Road

In 2021, Volvo Trucks signed an agreement with global construction materials company CEMEX to collaborate on electromobility solutions. As a current result of this collaboration, it has delivered its first fully electrically powered concrete mixer. The Volvo FMX electric concrete mixer can fulfill an entire day’s work on a charge during an ordinary break. Electrification of heavy-duty trucks is a challenging process due to the loads carried and the need for continuous mixing, but both companies are keen to meet the requirements of the construction industry in an emission-free way in line with their sustainability goals.

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Volvo Trucks has a number of electric vehicles for the global trucking industry. These purpose-built vehicles can operate with loads ranging from 16 to 44 tons. The Volvo FMX electric concrete mixer has two motors with a total power of 330 kW. The total capacity provided by its four batteries is 360 kWh. The hydraulic system that powers the mixer section of the truck also gets its energy from the battery.

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