Sehol E10X: First Electric Vehicle with Sodium Ion Battery

Automotive and battery companies are working on various battery technologies for use in electric vehicles. The aim is to produce batteries that are more cost-effective, less harmful to the environment and reliable. One of these technologies is Sodium ion batteries. Sodium is more available in the world than lithium that is used in batteries used in electric vehicles. This brings a significant cost advantage. Sodium ion batteries (SIBs) also have less impact on the environment than lithium batteries.

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SIBs are lower in terms of energy density and heavier than LIBs. They are particularly suitable for stationary storage systems. We have not seen examples in electric vehicles until today. China-based Hina Battery used its SIB-based battery in the Sehol E10X test vehicle. Sehol E10X’s SIB battery has a capacity of 25 kWh and is said to offer a travel distance of approximately 252 km. The energy density of the SIB batteries used in the vehicle is 140 Wh/kg.

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