indie Acquires Automotive Radar Specialist Silicon Radar

Automotive technology company indie Semiconductor has announced the acquisition of Silicon Radar GmbH, a Germany-based manufacturer of advanced automotive radar systems. Autonomous driving and advanced driving assistance systems are increasingly finding place in electric vehicles, and radar is one of the indispensable components used in these systems.

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According to IHS, 138 million radar electronic control units (ECUs) will be sold in 2023, providing short, medium and long-distance support for applications such as interior monitoring, blind spot detection, parking assist and automatic emergency braking. By 2028, the radar semiconductor industry is projected to reach a value of $6 billion.

According to the company, indie’s acquisition of Silicon Radar will further extend their leadership in automotive radar. Especially with the industry’s first production-ready 120 GHz solution, the company’s capabilities will further develop. These high-frequency solutions enable the use of on-chip antenna technologies and allow indie to offer a complete radar on a single chip.

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