General Motors Ultra Cruise: Hands-Free Driving

General Motors has announced that Ultra Cruise, the company’s next-generation advanced driver assistance system, will enable hands-free driving in 95 percent of all driving scenarios. The system, which will provide a 360-degree view around the vehicle with the help of more than twenty sensors in the system, will debut for the first time with the Cadillac CELESTIQ 3.

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Ultra Cruise aims to be an advanced driving support system that offers advanced driving opportunities with the help of short and long-range radars, LiDAR behind the windshield, a system that displays the driver’s position and attention, and a completely new computing system. According to the company, drivers are expected to be able to travel completely hands-free with the help of Ultra Cruise in the future. Vehicles equipped with Ultra Cruise will be able to receive over the air software updates over time.

The Ultra Cruise consists of driver attention measurement system, long-range cameras that detect traffic signs, other vehicles and pedestrians, short-range radars to view nearby pedestrians and vehicles, long-range radars that determine the direction and height of objects according to the speed of the vehicle, and LiDAR, which creates a three-dimensional view of the scene.

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